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Every year, nearly 7 lakhs (7,00,000) new cases of cancer are detected and treated at various centers across India. 4 out of 10 of these patients, i.e. approximately 40%, suffer from oral and maxillofacial cancers affecting the jaws, tongue, cheeks, lips, nose, eye and other facial parts. 

After surgery, these patients require prosthetic or artificial replacements of the missing body part(s) to improve basic functions like eating, drinking, swallowing, & speaking; and to improve their facial appearance.

Such prosthetic replacements are done in Maxillofacial Prosthetics.    

Official Distributor For

MaxFacIndia is proud to announce its partnership with TECHNOVENT LTD., UK. 

We are now the Official Distributor for all Technovent products for the India market.

Working together, we are pleased to introduce 2 versions of customized kits of Medical-Grade Silicone for all of you in India: Starter & Master.

Starter Kit

Ideally Suited for Students & Clinicians

Rs. 30000

Master Kit

Ideally Suited for Colleges & Hospitals

Rs. 51000


Custom Order

We also take customized orders of Technovent products.

Kindly fill in the enquiry form with your requirements and we will get back to you soon with a quote.


Our Mottos

“We have a dream … to awaken India towards ensuring patients with maxillofacial defects live with dignity, hope and confidence.”

“When we connect with purpose, we can generate energy to foster in reform & development.”


is the best link in a business venture between the

customer and trader.”

“New systems are often met with roadblocks. It’s about staying patient … results will follow.”

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MaxFacIndia, The Capital, A-Wing, Unit 202, Baner-Pashan Link Rd., Baner, Pune– 411045, Maharashtra, India.

Speak with: Dr. Mohit T. Dudani

Mobile: +91-7887800053

Email: info@maxfacindia.in

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