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Silicone Laboratory

Providing Quality Medical-Grade

Prosthetic Solutions

Welcome to the Silicone Lab of MaxFacIndia!!

Dental laboratories in India mainly provide auxiliary services for crowns, fixed partial dentures, removable partial dentures, complete dentures, implant-supported prostheses and orthodontic appliances.

Lack of trained prosthetists and unavailability of international quality medical-grade silicones has hampered the provision of such services for replacement of missing facial or body parts (in maxillofacial prosthetics or anaplastology).

MaxFacIndia is pleased to inform you about our professional & fully equipped Silicone Laboratory at Pune. All our prostheses are made in medical-grade silicone from Technovent Ltd., UK and we also provide skin adhesives for patient use. 

We provide laboratory services for following prostheses:
Auricular – Orbital – Nasal – Mid-facial – Finger – Case based 
We provide laboratory services to: 
Dental Colleges – Hospitals – Clinicians – Post-Graduate Students

Each clinician has his/her own approach & methodology towards making a silicone prosthesis. Hence, your requirement of services from our Silicone Lab will probably be case specific. For example, you may want us to only sculpt the wax pattern or just pack the silicone in your mold or even do the whole job for you. We welcome this and invite you to contact us to discuss the technique, requirements, and costs. 

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