Facing a cancer or trauma surgery is very difficult. Often, the surgery results in a permanent loss of a part of the jaws, face (eye, ear, nose) or body part (finger, toe, hand, foot, breast). Patients are left to struggle with normal daily functions like eating, drinking, swallowing & speaking. Most importantly, returning back to society can be psychologically difficult due to the change in appearance after surgery. 


We have established a State-of-the-Art Treatment Facility at Pune dedicated to this segment of patients. Our Center provides the following services –

  • Patient Counselling – We have a Professional Counselor as part of our team to help the patient and his/her family cope with the psychological aspects of recovery after surgery. 

  • Maxillofacial Prosthetic Clinic – A dedicated office space with privacy to ensure that the patient feels comfortable during treatment. We also provide Wheel Chair Service for patients. We have an OPD Bed for patients to take rest & to help with impression making for babies with cleft lip & palate and for facial impressions. 

  • Dantay Dental Clinic – We ensure that we are also restoring the patient’s Dental Health and not just providing a prosthetic replacement for a missing facial or body part. 

  • Silicone Laboratory – We make all our prostheses as natural & realistic as possible. All our prostheses are made in our fully equipped laboratory with international quality Medical-Grade Silicone from Technovent Ltd., UK. We also provide these services to dental colleges, hospitals, clinicians, and post-graduate students.  


Some of the prosthetic replacements given to our patients are shown below for you to gain a better understanding of our work in this field. 

If You: 

  • are a patient and want to book a clinical appointment. 

  • are a  clinician or post-graduate student & require a consultancy service.

  • wish to avail the services of our Silicone Laboratory. 


  • Kindly call Dr. Mohit at +91-7887800053


Dental & Maxillofacial Prosthetic

Treatment Facility at Pune

Surgical Obturator after

Upper Jaw Cancer Surgery

  • Patient is counselled about after effects of surgery.

  • Prosthesis is inserted on day of surgery to allow good healing.

Pre-surgical lesion

Surgical obturator

Healing after surgery

Interim Obturator after

Upper Jaw Cancer Surgery

  • Complete healing requires 6-12 months after surgery.

  • Patient can eat, speak, and drink liquids without leakage through nose.


Interim obturator

Prosthesis in position

Definitive Obturator after Upper Jaw Cancer Surgery

  • Patient can eat food & drink liquids without leakage through nose.

  • Speech and appearance are also improved.

Healing is complete

Definitive obturator

Prosthesis in position

Guidance Prosthesis after Lower Jaw Cancer Surgery 

  • Prosthesis corrects the deviation of remaining jaw after surgery.

  • Patient is gradually trained to start eating again.

Guidance prosthesis

With prosthesis

Correct teeth relation

Naso-Alveolar Molding

  • Appliance should be made as soon as possible after birth.

  • Size of the cleft is reduced with a soft material to give better results after surgery.

Pre-treatment size of cleft

Baby with appliance

Reduced size of cleft after shaping

Obturator Prosthesis

for Adult Cleft Patient

  • Patient had not had corrective surgery at time of birth.

  • Speaking and eating ability are improved with no leakage of liquids through nose.


Obturator prosthesis 

With prosthesis

Ocular Prosthesis

after Eye Removal 

  • Prosthesis is made to exactly fit in the patient’s eye socket.

  • Colour and shape are matched with the adjacent normal eye.


Colour matching

With prosthesis

Ocular Prosthesis

after Eye Removal 

  • Materials used are inert, i.e. safe & do not cause allergy.

  • Special pigments are used for colour matching.


With prosthesis

Natural appearance

Auricular Prosthesis to

Replace a Missing Ear

  • Prosthesis is matched in colour and shape with the patient’s normal ear.

  • Materials used are of high quality and skin friendly.

Missing ear

Silicone replacement

Natural appearance

Auricular Prosthesis to

Replace A Missing Ear

  • Partial ear replacements are also possible.

  • Skin safe adhesives are used to keep the prosthesis in place.

Missing partial ear

Silicone replacement

Prosthesis in position

Finger Prosthesis to

Replace a Missing Finger

  • High quality and medical-grade silicone materials are used.

  • Prosthesis can be fitted with a custom fitted ring.

Pre-treatment models

Silicone finger

Ring retention


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